WATCH: Vice President Biden’s Bizarre, Creepy Interaction with Senator’s Daughter


There are TONS more images if you search of other kids in the same ‘Awkward pose’

By @ShaunyNews  Caught a video here on (ATS) by trollz and before I watched it I read some of the comments. I felt a bit uneasy watching this. Now I know there is the ‘Elite’ sex case, exploitation of kids deal going on right now. I am asking, is Joe Biden really creepy with the little girl. She looks VERY uneasy the little girl. Watch what Mr Vice President does to the little girl. He is all over her, looking at her all the time, smells her hair and kissed her. Now this could be ONLY affection, or this is one creepy guy right here! For anyone who does not know I have been on the sex case in the UK that has no hit the USA with Bill Cosby. More will come forward or be dragged forward, Prince Andrew, the British Royal Family are all over the media here in the UK.

Via YouHitNews on You Tube

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