UK support for Nicola Sturgeon to be in TV debates

UK support for Nicola Sturgeon to be in TV debates

This but on a national scale

This but on a national scale

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About time. SNP are on the biggest parties in the UK. Only right Nicola gets a soap box.

The SNP has today welcomed polling showing support for Nicola Sturgeon being included on the televised leaders debates from the rest of the UK voters.

53 per cent of voters across the UK say Ms Sturgeon should be involved compared to only 30% who say she should not be involved. With the ‘Don’t Knows’ removed 64 % say Scotland’s First Minister should be included.

The polling by YouGov also shows the vast majority of non-SNP voters in Scotland back Ms Sturgeon being included in the debates.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:

“This polling is very welcome and shows that south of the border and across the nations and regions of the UK people rightly recognise the need to have Nicola Sturgeon included in the televised debates.

“The YouGov poll also shows Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and major party voters in Scotland agree with Ms Sturgeon’s inclusion to the debates – by a margin of nearly 3:1 when ‘Don’t Knows’ are removed – which  speaks volumes about the SNP’s strong position ahead of May’s General Election.

“With a larger membership than the Lib Dems and UKIP combined and more elected MPs than UKIP, the case for including the SNP is unanswerable.

“I have already written to Ofcom to query their undemocratic and illogical decision. Broadcasters – along with our broadcast regulator – have a duty to be impartial in their election coverage. To try and exclude the SNP would be a failure to deliver these democratic duties.

“It would be ludicrous for the SNP to be shut out of these proposed debates – a position backed by voters north and south of the border – and that is something that should be accepted by all involved.”

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