Video: US Cop Weeps After Fatally Shooting Unarmed Man As Another US Cop Goes Free!!

ANOTHER US Cop goes free for murder. Police State USA again

ANOTHER US Cop goes free for murder. Police State USA again – Is this Video staged by the Cops? 

By @ShaunyNews Via and few sources and words of my own

This happened April 14th 2014 and went under the radar. Yet again we see (The Video below) a Cop shooting an innocent man to death. Now on the face of the aftermath of the video you will see the Cop on his car crying. On the face of it you can think “Poor guy really is hurting” BUT! Turn the coin around and ask why the cop is RIGHT IN-FRONT OF HIS DASHCAM! He was right there for all to see, crying hard with Audio also. This footage I read is what got Grant Morrison free from a jail sentence as YET AGAIN a US Cop murders an unarmed person and faces no jail time. America, you understand this is a police state you live in right? No argument, how many cops have we seen walk free? The Ferguson cop walked free with a new name and over $1M to live his life out who knows where. You be the judge, was the cop right to shoot and kill the man in the car, Richard Ramirez

Cop Weeps After Fatally Shooting Unarmed Man
Via Sky News TV Via You Tube

Dashcam video has emerged showing a US police officer weeping after fatally shooting an unarmed man. Officer Grant Morrison broke down after opening fire on a suspect who was high on methamphetamine in Billings, Montana. The video was reviewed this week by a seven-person coroner’s jury, which concluded the shooting was justified. The confrontation unfolded after Officer Morrison stopped a car which had 38-year-old Richard Ramirez and three other passengers inside on 14 April last year.

He ordered them to put their hands up, but police say Ramirez would not comply and reached for his waistband. “What are you doing?” Officer Morrison can be heard saying in the footage. “Why are you moving your hands so much? “Get your hands up. I will shoot you. I will shoot you. Hands up!”


The Cop panics and shoots a man dead

Officer Morrison then fired into the car at Ramirez, who was seated in the back. “I thought he was going to pull a gun on me,” the sobbing policeman can be heard telling a fellow officer. “Maybe he was, maybe he was,” the other officer replied. “Jesus, Grant. You survived.”

A post-mortem examination later showed Ramirez had potentially lethal levels of methamphetamine in his system. Officers told jurors that Officer Morrison also recognised Ramirez as a suspect in a recent drug shooting.

The dead man’s mother, Betty Ramirez, told the Billings Gazette newspaper her family was upset with the jury’s decision. She said: “He was just a good person, and they didn’t have to do that to him.” According to the Associated Press, Officer Morrison shot and killed a man during a previous traffic stop. He was cleared of wrongdoing after it was determined the suspect had reached for a weapon that turned out to be a BB gun.

Why right in-front of the Dashcam WITH audio? It got him free, could that be why?

Why right in-front of the Dashcam WITH audio? It got him free, could that be why?

Officer Morrison, who has served five years on the force, was placed on paid administrative leave after the shooting. He has since been assigned to a task force investigating prescription drug crimes.


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