SNP will renew calls to scrap Trident nuclear weapons system


Trident: SNP will call for nuclear weapons system to be scapped.

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Questions like “Would Labour scrap Trident in a UK Coalition Government with the SNP” and more are being asked just now. I am unsure if or when Trident will leave my shores. I do hope one day my kids can live in a Nuclear free Scotland. Not all Scottish People want these WMD’s, the people of the West of Edinburgh who live in the shadow of Faslane Nuclear base must wonder ‘Why did I buy a home here’ But many do work for the Royal Navy. I think one day these weapons will leave our shores, but all us Scot’s must pull together to make it happen. The SNP can say they will do this and that, we the people must back them in these matters or the SNP will fail. Time to stand up against Tory and Blue Tory alike Scotland and take our land back, be it in a Union or not, home rule, whatever.  I asked this question about an SNP/Labour coalition Government to get Scotland 100% and more of the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ Link:

The SNP is to join with Plaid Cymru and the Greens to renew calls for the “morally repugnant” Trident nuclear weapons system to be scrapped.

The party will put the issue at the heart of their one annual opposition debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Angus Robertson MP, the party’s Westminster leader and defence spokesman, said the general election was a “massive opportunity” to stop the renewal of the Trident weapons programme.

He said: “A strong group of SNP MPs at Westminster will oppose a new generation of nuclear weapons being dumped on the Clyde, and will use any clout we have in a hung parliament to get Trident’s renewal scrapped. “This is in stark contrast to Scottish Labour, who have shown time and again that there is utter confusion between the Scottish branch office and their Westminster bosses.

“On this issue they are not prepared to take a stand against UK Labour’s pro-nuclear position. One thing we do know is that the Westminster parties just voted for #30 billion more austerity cuts – as 28 Scottish Labour MPs voted to support the Tories’ austerity programme. “Nuclear weapons are financially stupid and morally repugnant. “We have to stop wasting tens of billions of pounds on nuclear weapons – particularly at a time when Tory cuts mean that many families can’t afford to put food on the table – and this debate is a step in the process of getting rid of Trident for good.” – Poll shows Murphy “out of step” on Trident


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