The Soldiers On The Front Line In War & Their Families. American Sniper, The Movie

Love and hurt all in one image

Love and hurt all in one image

By @ShaunyNews > This is a blog I am almost opposed to, it’s about war and what it does to the people who enter it’s cold shadow, I dislike war, I dislike illegal War but I am looking past all what I believe loved ones and their own. The image to the left is the utter reality of War, make no mistake. When we look at these  men and woman who are putting their lives on the line wherever they are from in the World, fighting this ‘War on Terror’ a terror only getting worse as we have seen in Australia, France and lately and the ones before where the terror came home to us all, we often forget the psychological cost it has on the individual. We see them on the news and we seen images of them coming home We have to ask, the person that left the first time from family and loved ones on their first tour, is that person the same person who returned  home after their last tour?

I just watched an amazing movie “American Sniper’ and seen firsthand what War  can do and does do to people when they finish their tours for good and come back to civilian life and struggle, they want to be back in that war zone or the war zone has killed their minds.

American Sniper – Official Extended Trailer

Via FilmTrailerZone on You Tube

I just sat and watched this movie about an American Soldier. He was famous, called the ‘Legend’ true story. He did his tours he came home, he battled the demons and became husband and Daddy all over again. Amazing story, I can’t ruin the ending, but if this movie doesn’t win an Oscar for telling up close and personal the tragic part of war, not the killing and fighting, but for those left at home. The parents, the partners, wives and children. I cried at the end, but I know crying is ok, it is what makes us humans, human, so I guess I am human.

Reality of War is much harder than many see. The people who give things up to protect our streets back home. I guess when I say all the time ‘I love movies’ is because a movie is acting out of reality, especially this movie. The hurt and pain I felt but could not imagine having to do. I get why Soldiers go over and want to keep going. It that ‘Band of Brothers’ feel to it. Woman fight also, but you know what I mean. Why I said it at the top

Chris Kyle. American Sniper, his story played amazingly by Bradley Cooper

Chris Kyle. American Sniper, his story played amazingly by Bradley Cooper

Understanding pain is something we all must one day confront, I guess I confronted it a long time ago and know how blessed I am to be here and have loved ones who love me. If I could fight I probably would you know, sadly I am disabled now, 41 years old and fighting a different fight, the same fight we all fight, that is life, so take it for granted, whatever your story. Many have it worse so if you can read this, you are lucky, I just hope and pray one day wars can end and peace can happen. Sadly we are closer to a big war than we have been since the start of the Cold War, so more men and woman will go and fight because they feel they have to go and do that, we must respect that person right?


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Soldiers From 4th Brigade Combat Team Return From Afghanistan Deployment




This movie is must see, but for those of you who have been through its reality, my heart goes out to you, especially the ones who lost.


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