Massive fire engulfs warehouse in Brooklyn

Massive fire engulfs warehouse in Brooklyn

Developing story, seen from the air

Developing story, seen from the air

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Firefighters are trying to gain control of a massive fire engulfing a Williamsburg warehouse Saturday, as authorities fear the building might now collapse. The FDNY deployed a fire boat in the East River to battle the flames, which are sending plumes of thick smoke over the neighborhood.  Strong winds carried ash and soot that fell from above several blocks away from the waterfront blaze at North 11th Street. “I smelled this burning smell and I looked up and saw all of this smoke billowing,” said Heather Schmidt, 33, among the area residents with their scarves tightly wrapped around their faces to fend off the soot and smoke

fire fighters battling smoke and flames at a store facility in Brooklyn, New York
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“I’m about a mile away and the smoke was very thick all the way back there,” said Manhattan Ave. resident Anthony Charles, 40, who was standing on the corner of North 11th St. and Wythe Ave. and flying a drone about 200 feet above trying to catch footage of the blaze. “It’s crazy,” he said. “I smelled the smoke at about 6:30 am.” No injuries have been reported yet, officials said.

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