SNP: Murphy discounted after fewer than 50 days in post – Liar Gordon Brown to the rescue again

He can't carry the Scottish branch office, he knows it

He can’t carry the Scottish branch office, he knows it

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PLEASE REMEMBER: Gordon Brown was wheeled out, sold a lie then retired. He can’t be trusted, please spread this from the SNP far and wide. We can’t make the same mistake 3 times, Labour are dying, Jim is disliked in Scotland, so all off a sudden the man the UK voters blamed for the financial collapse is now touted as a Saviour. Desperate or desperate? Red Tory’s are gone, WE here in Scotland changed UK politics forever, we won’t be fooled again, in-case, we drive this message home with no hatred, just a love to be free from it all.

Reports today that Scottish Labour are turning to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown in an attempt to turn around their fortunes at May’s General Election have been described as “disastrous” for Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy by the SNP.

In today’s Herald, Labour sources say Mr Brown will be Labour’s “secret weapon” in Scotland and will be “deployed” in an attempt to win back support.

Gordon Brown was also described as Scottish Labour’s “secret weapon” in the run up to the Scottish elections in 2011 – which resulted in a landslide victory for the SNP with an unprecedented majority at Holyrood.

SNP General Election campaign coordinator Angus Robertson MP said:

“This is a disastrous story for Jim Murphy – he was supposed to be the person who would turn Labour’s fortunes around, but is obviously being discounted by his own colleagues after fewer than 50 days in the job.

“Just last week, the SNP had a tremendous council by-election victory in Gordon Brown’s constituency, which will no doubt have chilled Scottish Labour to the core.

“Labour have clearly run out of options – and in their desperation to try to hold on to votes they are turning to Gordon Brown as a last resort. Mr Brown of course isn’t a candidate in the General Election, and described himself as an ex-politician.

“Labour are paying a heavy price for their toxic alliance with the Tories – and in recent weeks they have made clear the alliance lives on as they voted with the Tories to support £30 billion more austerity cuts and waste £100 billion on Trident renewal.”

STILL too much red

STILL too much red in 2015

Would be world news in ANY other country with way over 50%

Would be world news in ANY other country with way over 50%

We can remove them ALL

We can remove them ALL

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