8tracks Signs Direct Licensing Deals With Music Labels To Improve Playlist Creation



Music streaming service 8tracks just signed a few licensing deals with independent music labels to make playlist creation much easier. As a reminder, 8tracks true advantage lies in its community — the service is all about creating playlists and sharing them so that you can find the perfect music depending on your favorite genres and current mood.

“Historically, DJs on 8tracks have been primarily relying on SoundCloud streaming or their MP3 collection — it’s been a bit of a drag,” founder and CEO David Porter told me. “This our first foray into direct licenses. It reduces the friction when you create a playlist.”

Currently, when you create a playlist on 8tracks, you can find and add songs either by searching SoundCloud or by uploading files from your computer. But there are a few issues with these options. First, many people are ditching iTunes in favor of subscription-based streaming services like

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