#AceNewsDesk – Featured Report:USA:April.21: EPIC has filed a FOIA request with the Federal Trade Commission, seeking the two reports prepared by agency staff during the 2012 Google antitrust investigation.

The Wall Street Journal has obtained a report revealing that the Commission ignored recommendations to reform Google’s anti-competitive practices.

According to the newspaper, the agency’s […]

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We’ll Be Counting Scars

Donna. Really great writing hope you get your hero – nice people need their protector when going gets tough.
You are a hero of social media to me as your writing inspires and always makes me smile. Ian



Doesn’t age have any advantages? I still don’t sleep well. Stars glistening, moon beaming, I think of bills, appointments, problems… I make lists, read, try to write (curse your inevitable betrayal writer’s block), and tried to simultaneously organize and turn off my thoughts.

It gives too much time for reflection. I ponder if my life would be easier if I had a hero. He can’t be just any hero; the term so loosely used nowadays. He’s gotta be strong…he’s gotta be sure… and he’s gotta be larger than life….my exhausted brain sighed, you’re just tossing and turning, with that Bonnie Tylersong in your head. I think of heroes as I slip into the arms of the sandman.

1hero18As a teen, I was a soap opera junkie. I couldn’t get enough of the endless tangled story lines, because like sands through the hourglass, so was that phase of my life.

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