FEATURED SOCIAL MEDIA: ‘ Spotify Plans to become One-Stop Entertainment Shop ‘

#AceSocialNews – May.23: Spotify has announced its intentions to become our one-stop entertainment shop by bringing video, news and podcast support to its 60 million plus users around the globe.

The streaming service has partnered with TED Talks, the BBC and others to provide concise news bulletins, alongside longer podcasts and audio shows to widen its focus beyont music.

New fitness feature Spotify Running suggests music based on your past listening and multiple-genre playlists and matches it to your tempo in an effort to help you run further. It has also updated its internal playlists to reflect your day; from suggesting relaxing tunes for your morning commute to songs designed to sharpen to focus during the workday and calm you down before going to bed.

These new features all place the listener – or, looking at it cynically, potential subscriber – at the centre of the Spotify experience, which, when it works, works very well indeed. Widening the range of services the platform supports aims to further lock you into the Spotify eco-system, and ultimately persuade you to join the 20 per cent of its users who pay for the Premium ad-free version.

This all becomes particularly timely when you account for the fact it’s looking increasingly likely Apple will reveal the revamped Beats Music – believed to be called Apple Music – at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month. As Spotify has chosen to roll out the new update to iPhone ahead of Android and other platforms, their iOS-optimised multi-media expansion could pose a real threat to Apple’s own music platform.

Spotify’s director of platform Sten Garmark once said it wanted to become the operating system of music, transcending being a mere platform and integrating itself into every aspect of our digital lives. As this prophesy inches ever closed to reality, it’s unlikely Apple will take it lying down.


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