Stranger Things Have Happened


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1funny340A red convertible whizzed by me as I was walking, Bob Marley’sRedemption Song weeping from high-end speakers.

If my son had been with me, he would have said it was an exception to his theory that people who feel the need to ‘share’ their music, loudly, usually play bad music.

I couldn’t help shaking my head at the irony of this symbol of rampant consumerism wailing a song about freeing ourselves from mental slavery.

Maybe red car guy just likes the beat and doesn’t understand the words, or he thinks Bob Marley is ‘in’, or he’s got a Bob Marley T-shirt from Old Navy, or likes the ganja, who knows?

But the words of Marley’s visionary song danced in my head long after the car raced through the Stop sign without stopping, making me wonder, does our incessant need for redemption come from our incessant need to…

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