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1bull18People have many different ideas about what is ‘entertaining’. At times, entertainment can go over-the-top, get over-inflated, and well, confused. Let me help.
Rape is not entertaining.
Not sexy, not hot, not romantic, not cool.
It shouldn’t just be used as a plot device, trope, or to increase ratings.
Rape should never, ever be used to sell T-shirts.

It’s simple, rape, like any other kind of abuse is about control, forcing someone to do something against their wishes, it’s about taking away choices, and having power over someone. It’s not something to be trivialized, used, excused, ignored, rationalized, or worse, not talked about because it’s uncomfortable or awkward.

Strangely, the internet is agog about a TV rape instead of real rapes.
Battle cries roar, you must boycott Game of Thrones and HBO!
If you watch this show you’re supporting rape culture and misogyny!
I won’t stop watching a show…

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