#BREAKING: ‘ Mad Max Tries to Topple Group of Spunky Capella Singers but Achieves 2nd Spot ‘

#AceBreakingNews – Featured Report:May.17: He tried hard, but Mad Max couldn’t topple a group of spunky a cappella singers and their female-friendly fan base.

Pitch Perfect 2 hit a high note for the musical comedy franchise, reaching No. 1 at the box office with an aca-awesome $70.3 million, according to studio estimates from Rentrak. In its first weekend, the sequel made more than the first Pitch Perfect in its entire domestic theatrical run ($65 million in 2012) and is the highest debut for a movie musical since 2008’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year.



Welcome back, Fat Amy! Inside ‘Pitch 2’

The original film became "an absolute juggernaut on home video, and that just built this incredible interest by younger moviegoers" in the follow-up, says Rentrak senior media analyst Paul Dergarabedian.



Review: ‘Pitch 2’ woos with tangy wit

In second place was George Miller’s action-packed reboot Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie scored $44.4 million and was a critical success as well, with a 98% approval rating on the review-aggregate site RottenTomatoes.com.

Mad Max, with Tom Hardy in the role made famous by Mel Gibson in 1979, fared better than expected "and got some of the best reviews I’ve ever seen," Dergerabedian adds. "A lot of people somewhat marginalized the movie until they saw it, and then were absolutely blown away."



‘Fury Road’ revs up the ‘Mad Max’ mythology

The counterprogramming worked out well for the studios; age and gender played a key role in the target audiences of the two movies. According to Rentrak, the audience for Pitch Perfect 2 was 72% female, compared to 60% male for Mad Max. The musical comedy attracted mostly youngsters — 57% under age 25 — while the action film drew 64% of its audience from moviegoers 25 and up.

The Perfect performance "even further solidifies that females can drive massive dollars to the multiplex," Dergarabedian says. "There is no question this is an audience that now is and should be the most coveted."



‘Mad Max’ an opera of velocity and excess

With strong critical acclaim, "Mad Max: Fury Road,"

With strong critical acclaim, "Mad Max: Fury Road," starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, was No. 2 at the box office. (Photo: Jasin Boland)

In the coming weeks, more movie-goers will find out about Charlize Theron’s "tour de force" action-movie role as Furiosa in Mad Max, Dergarabedian says. "Women are going to figure out this isn’t just an action movie for guys. It’s a movie for everyone."

Superhero sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron was No. 3 with $38.8 million. An impressive $370 million take makes it the top film of 2015 in North America, and it has surpassed $1 billion internationally.


I Can’t Make You Love Me

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1blog70It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of a blog, must be in want of readers.

For some, blogs take off faster than a Nascar driver chasing after sponsorship, for most others, like me, it’s a slow ride…

I know some of the reasons it’s been a slow ride, I’ve broken the first rule of The Blog Club, don’t talk about The Blog Club, no, that’s not it, oh yes, find a niche. Never have, probably never will. I figure if I get bored, you will too.

To me, giving blogging advice is like trying to explain to someone how to: dance, paint, drive, or make love in a canoe. Sometimes you just have to do it and make the mistakes, have the close calls, possibly tip over at the most inopportune moment.

When asked my blogging advice I offered http://yadadarcyyada.com/2015/04/10/im-hooked-on-a-feeling/


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NEWS: 25th London Latin American Film Festival

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Here’s an important message to all you film makers out there.

Latin American Film Festiva 2

The 25th London Latin American Film Festival will be held between 13th and 22nd November, this year. The  Curator of the festival, Eva Tarr is now inviting submissions to be considered for showing at the Festival.

Just think of it, an opportunity to have your film presented and shown at this important and influential Festival. For 25 years the Festival, with its rich and diverse range of films has thrown an artistic beacon on the vibrancy of Latin American cinema and you and your film could be part of that showcase.

25 Latin American Film Festival  1

If you would like your film to be considered, please go to the Submissions Webpage at their website click here

For more information and regular updates on activities, there is also a Facebook page you can click here

May 2015

For a previous article on the Latin American Film Festival…

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TV is Dead, Long Live TV!

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seinfeld-jerry“That people will only watch television like this in the future is so obvious,” Jerry Seinfeld said this week at the Hulu upfront event for advertisers in New York City.

Seinfeld was talking about streaming of course, and his message was clear: subscription VOD services like Hulu will render traditional, live, linear channels obsolete, much as TV did to network radio in the 1950s. Like Jack Benny and Burns and Allen – who moved from radio to TV more than half a century ago  today’s shows will transition from broadcast and cable origination to on-demand, and the viewers will follow.

Seinfeld can be forgiven for hyperbole, considering that he was likely giddy over the bags of money Hulu is dropping on his doorstep in return for exclusive streaming of all 180 episodes of his 1989-98 NBC sitcom. But I think he’s wrong.

There’s no doubt that the TV paradigm is shifting, in a way that…

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Mad Max: I AM FURIOSA!!!


Mad Max Eimear Coghlan A head with style
The release of Mad Max Fury Road on 14th May has us all sitting anxiously on our hands with bated breath. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I am Furiosa, helping women escape the cage of beauty ideals. The future of our sisterhood lies in the support we show each other as we create our own definition of beauty. The richness of our strength glistens from the flame within.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, even more so when there are captions underneath! So I’ll let the photos do the talking…..

Mad Max Furiosa Eimear Coghlan A head with styleEscaping the cage of beauty ideals

Mad Max A head with styleTime to change the Oppressor’s tune

3a“She’s my property!”   Furiosa rescues Capable from Immortan Joe

Mad Max Furiosa A head with style“Oh what a day, what a lovely day!”

Mad Max Furiosa A head with style“We are not things!”   Releasing the shackles

6bImmortan Joe is hot on our heels snarling “Where is she taking her? I want her back!”

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Article: Chinese hackers secretly use Microsoft TechNet for malware assault

#AceSocialNews – Featured Report: China:May.15: Chinese hackers have been using Microsoft’s TechNet website to hide malware attack controls used to carry out assaults on all manner of different groups.

Web security firm FireEye reports that the APT (advanced persistent threat) 17 group has been hiding encoded domain names in the comments section of the forum on the popular Microsoft technical documentation site.

The group created accounts to leave the comments and when computers infected by APT17’s malware visited the pages they contacted the domains that then pointed the computers in the direction of a command-and-control server owned by APT17.

“Given its effectiveness, we anticipate that this encoding and obfuscation will become a truly pervasive tactic adopted by threat actors around the world. However, by working closely with companies like Microsoft and targeted organisations to develop threat intelligence, we can assist security professionals and disrupt these activities,” said Laura Galante, manager of threat intelligence at FireEye.

Chinese hackers secretly use Microsoft TechNet for malware assault




#AceSocialNews – Featured Report:May.12: Branded a “Netflix for Pirates,” the Popcorn Time app quickly gathered a user base of millions of people over the past year.

The application has some of the major media giants worried, including Netflix which sees the pirate app as a serious competitor to its business.

Posted: 11 May 2015 12:11 PM PDT


Popcorn Time is also a rival for traditional torrent clients such as uTorrent, albeit of a different kind. However, until now how these different types of BitTorrent traffic compare in volume terms has remained unknown.

New data from network management company Procera sheds some light on how the two stack up against each other. Procera gathered data from a European fixed line network in March and April and shared their findings with TF.

On this particular network, which has a capacity of dozens of Gigabits per second, Popcorn Time accounted for roughly 18 Gigabit per second at its peak. The traffic was lowest at night, dropping to nearly zero.

All the traffic in question was generated by ‘traditional’ video torrents which were then streamed through the Popcorn Time app.

Popcorn Time traffic

The data above comes from one network, so the numbers are not very meaningful without a good comparison standard. For this reason, Procera also monitored the traffic generated by uTorrent.

The graph below shows that uTorrent accounts for at least double the traffic compared to Popcorn Time, with a approximately 44 Gigabit per second at the peak in April.

uTorrent traffic

While the vast majority of uTorrent traffic is generated by video, it’s worth noting that the data above also includes transfers of software, music and other content.

Non-uTorrent BitTorrent transfers were insignificant according to Procera, well below the traffic Popcorn Time generates.

The traffic patterns observed on this European network may be different in other parts of the world. However, with Popcorn Time having a massive user base in Europe, it’s safe to conclude that the app is not rivaling traditional torrent yet, traffic-wise.

It will be interesting to see if Popcorn Time will continue to grow during the coming year. The application is now available on all major operating systems and it’s not unthinkable that it will eventually catch up with uTorrent.



#AceSocialNews – Featured Report: A few months ago the MPAA reported the site to the U.S. Government as a “notorious market” and in Germany several music groups have taken the site to court.

Back in 2011 record labels started legal proceedings against the site’s operator, demanding the names and addresses of uploaders. The site owner initially refused to do so, but eventually caved in when faced with a prison sentence.

Now, three years later, trouble continues for Netload. Music industry lawfirm Rasch recently obtained an injunction from a Hamburg Court ordering Netload to stop the distribution of a pirated music album.

“The District Court of Hamburg decided on Netload’s obligation to cease and desist from aiding their users to make a certain album available to the public,” Rasch lawyer Mirko Brüß informs TF, adding that he couldn’t name the album in question.

Under German jurisprudence this means that Netload will have to monitor external forums and search engines to make sure that these are not linking to the infringing work. If the site fails to do so the service faces a fine of hundreds of thousands of euros.

“If we find another (working) link to the album, Netload faces punitive fines of up to 250,000 euro per infringement,” Brüß notes.

The lawfirm served the operator of Netload with this injunction last week, and soon after the site vanished.

Initially the lawyers and their clients believed that the site had shut down, but the assessment came too quickly.


While Netload.in is still offline a copy of the site has reappeared at Netload.me. This site is allegedly operated by the same people and the old logins are functional.

“It appears Netload is going to relaunch using the .me-domain. It’s the same company in the imprint and the old user logins are working. Uploads are not working so far,” Brüß tells TF.

Despite the change of address the injunction still stands, so the music industry lawyers will keep a close eye on the site to see if the infringing album appears.

Netload was contacted for a comment on the recent troubles but the company has yet to respond to our inquiry.