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Facebook getting ready to destroy Spotify


ztJn926g_normal.png The Independent (@Independent)
09/07/2015 22:17
Facebook is getting ready to destroy Spotify ind.pn/1HhG6pr pic.twitter.com/KBEooOXRSA


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A Singular Girl’s Guide To Life


As always #Donnamazing post.


1funny753As a girl you grow up being taught so many things, but many girls aren’t taught how to be single, better yet, singular, or even better, singularly spectacular.  I’m pretty sure this goes for boys as well.

One of the big things looming over a single person is dating. The mysteries of the ages look simple compared to dating. Dating is so complex there are times you don’t even know you’re on a date, in fact, you could be on a date right now. And actually getting a date, that’s more complicated than doing your taxes and most often, less fun.


Dating keeps getting weirder…texting, online dating (did they just match me up with my ex?), sexting, digital fantasies – are we dating or on a sci-fi reality show? And what’s with The Bachelor? If I wanted to date a guy who was dating lots of other women at…

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