GALLUP POLL: ‘ Apple iPhone Users Mostly Likely to Upgrade as soon as their Carrier Allows ‘

#AceSocialNews – July.10: Apple is turning the crank for its next iPhone release, expected this fall — it just put out a public preview of iOS 9, the updated operating system that will ship on new iPhones, and the leaks about the phone hardware are coming fast and furious.

Overall, it looks like the next iPhone will be a minor update — there won’t be a huge design change to the software like there was in 2013, or exciting new form factors like the larger-screen iPhone 6 and huge iPhone 6 Plus last year. But it might not matter, at least not in the U.S.

According to a spring 2015 poll by Gallup, compiled here by Statista, more than half of iPhone users upgrade as soon as their carrier allows them to — usually every two years. That means about half of people still sporting an iPhone 5S are likely to buy the new 6S (or whatever it turns out to be called) when it comes out. Only 47% of iPhone users keep their phones until they’re obsolete or stop working.

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