XBOX AVATARS: Change them with just your mobile phone

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Owners of Microsoft Xbox consoles can now change their avatars (display pictures) while on the go with the help of their mobile phones. Mobile phone technology website reported today that users of the popular console, second only in sales to Sony’sPlaystation range, will be able to use a Windows 10 equipped mobile phone and a new app, Xbox Avatar App to change their avatar ‘on the fly’.

The avatar configuration for now only applies to phone users who download the Technical Preview of Windows 10 Mobile on their calling devices. With that in place, they can easily download Xbox Avatar and remotely change their gameface. The app however is a big one, the website warns. Weighing in at nearly 147 megabytes, the app will take up a lot of space.

Xbox Avatar will enable users to create or change avatars for their Xbox…

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Failure in not Respected in this World but Success is so Why?

​#AceNewsDesk – July.15: When someone fails then Succeeds,we say – I Knew you could do it, sorry l doubted you! Well that is until the next time we try something new – then we are already thinking – l failed before – so l will fail again! Question is will l or was “I just afraid of that happening – maybe if we support those that fail – then we can help them to succeed.

Well, sometimes the magic works. Sometimes, it doesn’t.”