Failure in not Respected in this World but Success is so Why?


​#AceNewsDesk – July.15: When someone fails then Succeeds,we say – I Knew you could do it, sorry l doubted you! Well that is until the next time we try something new – then we are already thinking – l failed before – so l will fail again! Question is will l or was “I just afraid of that happening – maybe if we support those that fail – then we can help them to succeed.

Well, sometimes the magic works. Sometimes, it doesn’t.”


About Ace Worldwide News Group

After 30 years of providing my services in Warwickshire in the United Kingdom. I am in the process of building a network of news sites in finance,business, property, social and healthcare under the name of "Ace News Group" together with providing goods and services through our sales and marketing news. I also have an organisation and fully fledged management consultancy agency. This provides contracts to enable people to provide their news, goods and services.

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