Black Eyed Peas Go Retro in Hip-Hop-Celebrating ‘Yesterday’ Video

#AceMediaNews – July.18: Black Eyed Peas Go Retro in Hip-Hop-Celebrating ‘Yesterday’ Video

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Black Eyed Peas, and to celebrate the group has ended their five-year hiatus by unveiling their surprise new music video for “Yesterday.” In the video,, Taboo and – but not Fergie, who didn’t joined the group until 2002 – pay…

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How smartphone companies are screwing with your Android phone

#AceSocialNews – July.18: How smartphone companies are screwing with your Android phone
Business Insider / Antonio Villas-Boa

Android phones

Phone makers like Samsung, HTC, and LG technically make Android phones, but what you see on their screens barely resembles the “clean” version of Android that Google develops.

That’s because phone makers add their own software features, or “skins,” on top of the pure version of Android so that they can differentiate themselves from other phone brands.

Unfortunately, while some skins add great features that you wouldn’t find on any other phone brand’s phone, it also means that you get a lot of extra apps from the phone maker and carrier.

And more often than not, apps made by phone makers and carriers tend to be poorly designed both aesthetically and functionally. It’s the reason why a lot of Android fans prefer Google’s version of Android over the bloated versions phone makers create.

Here’s a look at all the ways phone makers are changing Android compared to the clean version from Google’s own Nexus phones.

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This is the pure version of Android with no skin layer on top, and this phone (the Nexus 5) was bought unlocked directly from Google. That means all the apps you see here are Google’s own, and it results in a clean, simple interface that’s not confusing. It also means no carrier apps. Even though LG made this particular phone, there are no LG apps, either.

The Galaxy S6 has Samsung’s TouchWiz layer on top of Android. As you can see, it looks much different than pure Android, and there are many extra apps from Samsung and the carrier (AT&T in this case). There are several duplicate apps for messaging and emailing, for example, which can be confusing. There are also a bunch of apps, like Yellow Pages, Uber, and Facebook that come preinstalled, which is somewhat intrusive, as the user should chose which apps to install on their devices. Notice the sharing menu on the bottom right with so many apps that it’s hard to find the one you want to share to.

HTC has a skin layer called Sense. It looks quite classy, but it still carries a lot of HTC’s and carrier bloatware. (T-Mobile, in this case).

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Support Bacteria – It’s the Only Culture Some People Have

Caught up and what a different take on social media #Donnamazing 🌹


1funny778The occasional broken heart (some courtesy of good-for-nothing teen heart-throbs leering suggestively from glossy magazine covers), the enforced cleaning of my room, scrapped knees and elbows, the tedium of school, bullying, losses…still, I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a time where we knew little.

Sure, pesky facts sometimes showed up, but we were quick to scare them away and defiantly let our ‘ignorance is bliss’ flag fly!

Of course, I knew horrible things had happened and were happening, but for inexplicable reasons (I blame chocolate and kittens), I seemed to believe things would get better.


I don’t know, maybe it was growing up in a small town, but even with all my extensive sci-fi reading and viewing I could never have imagined this strange new world I would someday live in where Donald Trump could be President of the United States; someone would list their dog…

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Tomorrow Tomorrow I Love Ya Tomorrow

Really nice post #Donnamazing missed this last week as WordPress was changing and cannot reblog on main computer so switched to app on iPad 🌹


I dreamed
I read
I danced
I sang
I loved
was loved
My mind full of me
Until youth ran from me
~D. Parker

Have you ever had one of those odd weeks, where you had to choose from odd choices? I did, and it seemed as though my viewing and reading, though vastly different, all had a common theme, at least, in my mind: choices.

Gone Girl. Mesmerizing, mostly due to Rosamund Pike’s luminously disturbing performance. The choices in this film and the fall-out of them had me speculating, head-shakingly weirded-out, kind of appalled and that wasn’t even by Ben Affleck’s ‘acting’. Pretty sure this goes into the movies-not-to-see-on-a-first-date category –

Zoo. Sorry, not Zoo Station by U2, but that would be a cool theme song, this Zoo is the TV adaptation…

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GIFVILLE: New blog by Vijay Shah

Nice post my friend take care Ian 👍

One of the things that always fascinates me when it comes to the internet are GIFs. Little moving images, often quirky, hilarious and artistic, they always help to brighten up a boring internet search.

One of the members of the HEM Community is a professional at sharing GIFs on her blog. Dominique, of the blog GIFS Gratuits PJC, based in France, regularly shares galleries of animated images usually revolving around a theme, such as Bastille Day, Christmas, humour and animals.

Her work, plus the GIF Moments features I write up here for many major festivals in my life are what inspired me for my latest project.

Yesterday, while at my mother’s house in Seven Kings, just east of London city, I began the groundwork for this new project and today, I officially launch!

Introducing my new blog, dedicated to sharing my choice of cool, fun…

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