Adam Sandler calls ‘Ridiculous Six’ scandal a ‘misunderstanding’: ‘There’s no mocking of American In dians’


#AceMediaNews – July.20: Adam Sandler calls ‘Ridiculous Six’ scandal a ‘misunderstanding’: ‘There’s no mocking of American Indians’
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Adam Sandler wants to clear up the controversy surrounding his upcoming Netflix film The Ridiculous Six.

In April, about a dozen American Indian actors walked off the set of Sandler’s film (which he co-wrote and is producing), saying the movie shed an offensive light on their culture. In the film, Sandler plays a white man raised by Apache Indians.

A petition to stop the comedian from making the film reached over 101,000 signatures

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Months later, Sandler finally spoke up about the controversy in an interview with ScreenCrush at the premiere of his latest film, Pixels. Read more…

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