Google Maps for Android finally adds custom names for places

#AceSocialNews – July.21: Google Maps for Android finally adds custom names for places
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Ron Amadeo

Behold! A custom place name in Google Maps. Here’s how to make one.

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Google Maps added a timeline view to Android today, which allows users to easily view their location history on mobile. That’s all well and good, but buried in the new timeline feature is one of the most-requested features that Google Maps has been lacking: custom place names. Pick a spot on the map, press some buttons, and type in a name. It’s seems like a very simple, basic functionality that every map application should have, but somehow Google Maps has neglected the feature until now.

It’s very hidden, but it’s there. You’ll need the just-released Google Maps for Android version 9.12 (download here), which has the new “Timeline” option in the navigation drawer. The Timeline is a new feature for mobile that allows you to browse your Google Maps location history. It has been available on the desktop site for some time, but this is a first for mobile.

By flipping through your location history and “editing” a place in your timeline, you’ll be able to add a name to it. At the bottom of the edit place—which really only seems meant to edit your location history—will be a link that says “add a personal place.” This is the magic link that will let you name a place on the map, save it, and have the point display on the map along with your custom name.

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