Plan To Be Spontaneous Today

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1blog32In the summer, readers run away from blogs like swimmers running out of the water away from the shark in Jaws (We’re going to need a bigger blog).

So what do you do in a blogging slump? Post more? Less? Write longer or shorter posts? Add more pictures of cats? More tweets, likes…eat more chocolate? Or just accept it and take a break for the rest of the summer? Acceptance is such a strange thing, isn’t it? It can be positive – you accept a gift, get accepted into a club, accept an award, or it can become something you feel forced to do, such as compliance or acquiescence.


I accept The Imitation Game was a brilliant film starring Benedict Cumberbatch (who apparently can’t be anything but astonishing) about WWII. I don’t accept it’s completely factual, clearly they took certain liberties such as Cumberbatch portraying Turing as though he had

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Songs that Inspire my Writing: Science Fiction.

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I love music. I love writing with music in the background. If you have read anything by me you probably read something I wrote with music in the background (Either that or an old episodes of Forensic Files). In fact I am listening to music as I type this. I call it method writing. I use the music to get me in the mood, to help come up with words or feel the emotions I want to portray. Once when I wrote a piece about a young man making a tough decision, I had Social D’s Cold Feelings running in the back ground on a continues loop.

Background music can be pretty powerful. I seldom consciously pay attention to the background music of a movie, but I know if it wasn’t there I would notice it. Think of all the things we do with music in the background, we shop…

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SULLEE J: Innovative Mind

This is truly an inspiring post and one truly worthy of sharing and sharing nice one Vijay. 👍

Article bySullee J (musician/contributor)

Foreword byVijay Shah (blogger/editor)

Baltimore-based rap musician Sullee J has consistently wowwed hip-hop fans across the Atlantic and across the seven seas with his amazing musical style, eminent collaborations with the cream of national and local hip-hop talent, and of course, his powerful vocabulary and lyrical expression.

As befitting a blog with the name of ‘The Half-Eaten Mind’, Sullee J has penned a special article that will question your every move and mental conception. In this exclusive piece, Sullee J challenges us to look within ourselves. Do you ever wonder why we do the things we do? What reasons or intentions do we have behind them? Have you ever regretted anything? What is the source behind our justified facts we store in our minds?

This thought-provoking article is a valuable chance for our readers as in one way, it challenges who we are, our…

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