Your work emails hint at your personality, IBM’s Watson shows


#AceSocialNews – July.27: Your work emails hint at your personality, IBM’s Watson shows
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All of us have, at one time or another, looked at our colleagues and wondered: do we really know them?

Well, now you can see into their souls, with as few as 100 words as evidence. IBM Watson, the sophisticated supercomputer that will one day be our overlord, has a new algorithm that takes little chunks of text and purports to describe the personality of the person who wrote them

Since most of our work emails are too short to be of any use — “yeah,” “cool,” and “kk” don’t go very far these days — we checked using the text written by people we cover a lot. That, of course, includes Taylor Swift, the ultimate kickass businesswoman. Luckily, her seminal letter to Apple is readily available. Read more…

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