Never Tear Us Apart


This really says a lot about you which l like and you #Donnamazing could never be trouble you are too kind, too considerate and too nice 🌹Only people who put themselves first and last are trouble in this world as they leave it to good people like you to sort their problems by expecting you too. Speak soon great post as usual Ian x



People talk about troubles, sing about troubles, write about troubles.
We try to solve troubles, outrun them, avoid them.
Troubles can tear us apart or bring us together.
I’ve worried over the years that I might be a trouble magnet, or that I brought on troubles…or even that I was troubled. As I got older, I realized troubles find most everyone, in one form or another, it’s how you meet those troubles, that’s what matters. I’ve had varying degrees of success with that part.

Distracting ourselves from our troubles by thinking about the troubles of others, isn’t that part of the magic of books, TV, and movies? I recently got captivated by “The Troubles” of a small supernatural Maine town…Sounds Stephen King-ish, that’s because Haven, my new addiction, is loosely based King’s The Colorado Kid and is crammed full ofKing references.Haven, going into Season 6

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  1. Oh Ian, you’re so lovely…you understand because you’re such a sweetie. 🙂
    Thank you kindly, not only for the reblog, but for the pep talk. Big hugs. 🙂

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