Are you staying current?

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What’s current in your genre?

Do you know?

Want to write YA?

Find out what they are reading and  writing.Stay Young at Heart

A good place to start is WattPad.

One of my granddaughters, a writer of fanfiction, turned me on to Wattpad. There you can see what’s trending with the YA group, find contests and even test the waters, if you’re brave enough.

Are you writing murder and mayhem? Romance? Hot XXX? Or Children’s books?

So maybe you need to find out what is trending in those genres. A good place to start is with the best sellers list. Check out what everyone is saying about the top ten on Amazon, Goodreads and Barns & Noble.

I don’t have a crystal ball, and I’m not suggesting that you try to guess what the next big thing will be. However, I do believe it’s good to stay current.

For instance, LOL…

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