Resist Nostalgia to Improve Your Outlook For the Future

Resist Nostalgia to Improve Your Outlook For the Future

#AceMediaNews -Aug.28: Nostalgia is a tricky feeling. Sometimes, it brings us exciting new Star Wars movies. Other times it brings us yet another damn Transformers film. For your own life, nostalgia for the old days can feel nice, but it can also hold you back from improving your future.

As business blog Inc. explains, getting too nostalgic for the “good old days” can make us neglect our own futures. After all, if you’re convinced your best days are behind you, you’re less likely to invest in what comes next. As long as you’re alive and physically able, you can always look forward to a new job, relationship, or stage in your life. You just have to look for it:

It’s a terrible, self-defeating temptation, Siebold says, to believe that your best days are behind you. Instead: “Self-made millionaires get rich because they’re willing to bet on themselves and project their dreams, goals, and ideas into an unknown future.” The past, he says, is only there for them to learn from.

Of course, nostalgia isn’t inherently evil. Remembering your college days fondly, or reminiscing about an old exciting job is fine. The problem arises when the longing for your past convinces you that your future won’t measure up to those old times.

Your attitude can affect your reality. If you want to invest in your future, don’t idolize your past.

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A study has revealed why men fancy thinner women (and it’s as grim as you’d imagine)


What Rebel said (Picture: Rex)What Rebel said (Picture: Rex)

#AceSocialReport – Aug.28: Hurrah, a new depressing study to make women even more concerned with the number they see as they step on the scales.


Data collected from scientists at the University of Aberdeen showed there is a link between a female’s thinness and how attractive she is perceived. Great.

More than 1,300 participants, both male and female from the UK and nine other countries, were shown 21 images showing females of varying weight and asked to rearrange them in order of attractiveness.

The male and female participants rated the images with very similar results – as body mass increased, attractiveness decreased.

Urgh, whatever. Who needs a thigh gap when you can just have flapjack.

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MEDIA FEATURE: ‘ War Room review: shut up and pray he quits ‘


#AceMediaNews – Aug.28: Alex and Stephen Kendrick’s faith-based film argues that domestic abuse can be cured by retiring to a bunker and praying. It’s an odd plan of attack

Is your husband a self-centered jerk? Does he ignore your needs, pay no attention to your adorable daughter, scold you for giving financial help to your troubled sister? Does he have a wandering eye and come dangerously close to committing adultery? Is he embezzling from his job? Well, you should know that it’s all your fault. When you find his behavior upsetting and take him to task you are only protracting the struggle. What you need to do is surrender, go in the closet and pray.

These tactics, say Alex and Stephen Kendrick in their latest “faith-based” film War Room, will bring your husband back to you, and cast Satan from your home. If you follow a precise prayer regimen (which remains vague in the film but all spelled out in supplemental materials available for purchase on the Kendricks’ website) there is no reason to believe that your husband won’t transform back into the man you fell for. He’ll even join your daughter for the big rope-skipping competition perfectly timed for the end of the movie.

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Message In A Bottle

#Donnnamzing post sometimes people do not understand fear and not understanding what caused it – stops them understanding in the end it’s is the fear itself they fear. A friend once said feel the fear and do it anyway, l may disagree with that in part but know everyone who is scared or fears needs a friend and blogging is a way to find friends who expect nothing but for you to hear them and have understanding of their fear – then you forget your fear as you are doing something for someone else. Have a good day Ian 😀


1funny907To me, blogging is a version of the old-timey message in a bottle.

The blogging world is a vast ocean, we throw our message out there and hope against hope someone finds it.

Some of us are trying to connect, share, find others, teach, or maybe even send out an SOS.

So how do you start your own ‘message in a bottle’ and make it reach others?


1. Don’t think about if your readers will love what you write or you’re going to be discovered, just make sure you love it, then hopefully, they will. If not, there’s always chocolate.

2. Remember as you send these bottles out, those you’re trying to reach are never far from the madding crowd (hearing people mispronounce the title, Far From the Madding Crowd is actually more fun than the book/movies, is that wrong?). People are busy, so when they open their email to…

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