A study has revealed why men fancy thinner women (and it’s as grim as you’d imagine)


What Rebel said (Picture: Rex)What Rebel said (Picture: Rex)

#AceSocialReport – Aug.28: Hurrah, a new depressing study to make women even more concerned with the number they see as they step on the scales.


Data collected from scientists at the University of Aberdeen showed there is a link between a female’s thinness and how attractive she is perceived. Great.

More than 1,300 participants, both male and female from the UK and nine other countries, were shown 21 images showing females of varying weight and asked to rearrange them in order of attractiveness.

The male and female participants rated the images with very similar results – as body mass increased, attractiveness decreased.

Urgh, whatever. Who needs a thigh gap when you can just have flapjack.

Original Article: http://metro.co.uk/2015/08/28/a-study-has-revealed-why-men-fancy-thinner-women-and-its-as-grim-as-youd-imagine-5365092/


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