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#Donnnamzing post sometimes people do not understand fear and not understanding what caused it – stops them understanding in the end it’s is the fear itself they fear. A friend once said feel the fear and do it anyway, l may disagree with that in part but know everyone who is scared or fears needs a friend and blogging is a way to find friends who expect nothing but for you to hear them and have understanding of their fear – then you forget your fear as you are doing something for someone else. Have a good day Ian 😀


1funny907To me, blogging is a version of the old-timey message in a bottle.

The blogging world is a vast ocean, we throw our message out there and hope against hope someone finds it.

Some of us are trying to connect, share, find others, teach, or maybe even send out an SOS.

So how do you start your own ‘message in a bottle’ and make it reach others?


1. Don’t think about if your readers will love what you write or you’re going to be discovered, just make sure you love it, then hopefully, they will. If not, there’s always chocolate.

2. Remember as you send these bottles out, those you’re trying to reach are never far from the madding crowd (hearing people mispronounce the title, Far From the Madding Crowd is actually more fun than the book/movies, is that wrong?). People are busy, so when they open their email to…

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  1. Thank you kindly for this lovely reblog, Ian and the wise words, I’ll try to remember them today as I have something really important to do that scares me… alot. 🙂
    Hope this day is treating you well. 🙂

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