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#AceMediaNews – Sept.10: The Cathedrals were one of the longest running groups in gospel music. They performed from 1963 to 1999. Although the original Cathedrals disbanded over 16 years ago, many former members still perform today.

In 2013, several of those former members joined together for a Cathedrals Family Reunion and have since formed a new Cathedrals reunion group.

The new group is comprised of Danny Funderburk, Ernie Haase, Mark Trammell, Scott Fowler and Gerald Wolfe.

Since that first reunion, they have taken the newly formed group, and each of their current groups, on tour.

For this video, the new Cathedrals performed one of the original Cathedrals’ classic songs, “Champion of Love.”

This song became one of the original Cathedrals most popular songs during the time when Gerald Wolfe was a member of the group. Wolfe’s powerful vocals took this song to another level and has since become one of the most recognized Cathedrals’ songs ever performed.


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