Slaves, Sleaford Mods, Stormzy, Jungle and headliners The Chemical Brothers play day two of Bestival


#AceMediaReport – Sept.13: The second day of Bestival (September 12) ended with a headline set from The Chemical Brothers and performances from Stormzy, Sleaford Mods and many more. Making their return to Robin Hill Park 8 years after they performed in 2007, the electronic duo treated the Saturday night crowd to a 90-minute audio-visual extravaganza complete with green lasers, towering clockwork robots and terror-inducing animation. Opening with their 1999 track ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’, the performance took in their much-loved canon of dance hits, including ‘Do It Again’, ‘Go’ – taken from 2015 album, ‘Born in the Echoes’ – and ‘Swoon’, which saw the heaving party crowd sway in unison. As they kicked ‘The Boxer’ into gear, huge brightly coloured inflatable balls were cast out to a simulated backdrop of exploding balloons. Ensuring the night went out in true rave style, they finished on ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’, before playing ‘Push The Button’ and ‘Galvanize’. Jenn Five Meanwhile, Stormzy drew in one of the biggest crowds of the weekend to the Invaders of the Future stage with hundreds of people spilling out of the sides, all sitting on friends’ shoulders to try and catch a glimpse of the 22-year-old Croydon grime MC. He tore through tracks like ‘Know Me From’ and ‘Not That Deep’, requesting his audience to “make some fucking noise!”, to which they more were than happy to oblige. Shortly before, Baltimore’s Future Islands played the Big Top, with charismatic singer Samuel Herring’s eliciting pure joy from his fans. “This song is a dream of you and me.
This is a song about standing by the sea wrestling with a question,” said Herring before launching into the plaintive synth-rock of ‘A Dream of You and Me’ as well as tracks likes ‘Walking Through That Door’ from 2010’s ‘In Evening Air’, imbuing his showmanship with snake-hipped dance moves, twirls and eye-watering can-can kicks. Nottingham’s Sleaford Mods brought their punk poetry to the Big Top.
Jason Williamson spat out a torrent of impassioned rhymes from 2015’s acclaimed album ‘Key Market’s, including ‘Live Tonight’ and ‘No One’s Bothered’, as well as ‘Tied Up In Notz’ – from 2014’s ‘Divide and Exit’ – about which Williamson said: “that song was written for my mum and grandma.”
“Let’s have a very fucking stupid time together!” urged Slaves’ singer Isaac Holman, as the crowd paid heed to his command, turning The Big Top into a slurry of moshing bodies.
Holman got a group of fancy-dress elves to crowdsurf as he asked “is anyone on a devastating comedown?” and red-faced people chanted the band’s lyrics to hits like ‘Cheer Up London’ and ‘Live Like An Animal’ at the top of their lungs. “Thank you for watching us. Have a good night look after each other don’t do anything we wouldn’t do,” laughed Holman.

Earlier in the day, Jungle performed a confident set on the main stage, with the audience grooving along to songs like ‘Platoon’ in the unexpected early evening warmth, with the band’s Josh Lloyd-Watson joking; “I heard a rumour that Rob da Bank [festival organiser] sold his soul for the sunshine.”

The festival finishes today (Sunday 13) with performances from Boy Better Know,

The Jacksons, Ratboy, Skepta and a headline set from Missy Elliot.

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