North by North-West—Cary Grant—Alfred Hitchcock



"Continental" style suits of 1959: C...

“Continental” style suits of 1959: Cary Grant in North by Northwest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill in "Nort... Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill in “North by Northwest” (1959) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

North by North-WestCary GrantAlfred Hitchcock

This is an evergreen Hitchcock movie and really famous for the crop- duster– plane- chasing- Cary Grant- scene. Cary Grant standing alone on a highway in his grey suit near a sign saying Indiana 41 in a vast panorama of uncultivated fields except one patch of tall corn stalks. As Hitchcock explains the audience expects Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) to be attacked by unknown people here. He (Hitchcock)wanted something out of the ordinary; something which would not fall into the category of cliché. A cliché for this scene according to him being a dark night, the hero standing under a lamp –post, footage of a black cat walking across the…

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