Don’t Stand So Close To Me

It’s that time again for a #Donnamazing post and this one is no different it is brilliant. Just love your topic about standing to close to the flame – it looks beautiful and bright like the Internet of all things (IOT) for short, they like their initials hides a multiple of All things.
Well the Internet as l heard can be good and useful like All things but everyone who knows all things like Gods knowing Good and Evil really are not the people you want to stand to close to in the first place.
Though #Donna everyone should stand close to people like you now and always lots ❤️ X


1funny1019I think the internet should come with an instruction manual.

Or at the very least guidelines.


Have you seen some of the stuff on here?

Maybe start slow, something simple,


  • Don’t feed the trolls or don’t tweet when angry, sad, lonely…drunk, or ill-informed, without verification. For some, maybe just don’t tweet at all. This also applies to posting on Facebook, texting, commenting, etc.

  • If someone unfriends you, relax, then look up the definition of friend and if someone doesn’t agree with your opinion that doesn’t oblige you to start a war. Viva la difference.

  • Watch out for those snap judgements, don’t mistake conversation for honest conversation, and know the difference between flirty and creepy (don’t stand so close to me, even on the internet).


I sometimes wonder what the world is going to look like after a few more years ‘high’ on social media?
Electoral candidates are constantly…

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