Earth is a marble in this to-scale model of the solar system in the desert

#AceSocialNews – Sept.19: You probably know that our solar system is big. But do you have a grasp on just how big it really is? No.

A filmmaker and his buddies went to a dried-up lakebed in Nevada to do just that. The vast expanse of the Black Rock Desert gave the crew the space needed to construct a to-scale model of the solar system. In their fantastic model, the Earth is only the size of a small marble. Even then, seven miles of open space was needed to show the entire solar system from the Sun to Neptune (sorry, Pluto).

The model itself is something to behold, but thankfully there’s a wonderfully-shot video to accompany it. If there’s one takeaway from it all, it’s that there’s a whole lot of nothing out there.

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