IOS9 is crashing everyone’s Apple iPhones

Many Apples fans were frustrated when they couldn't successfully update their devices (Photo: Apple)Many Apples fans were frustrated when they couldn’t successfully update their devices (Photo: Apple)

Apple’s iOS9 is here, and it’s not without its problems.

#AceSoftwareReport – Sept.19: Many people reported device crashes and glitches as they attempted to download the new operating system.

Disgruntled customers took to social media to complain about error messages and suddenly not being able to open frequently used apps.

Got my phone all updated to #iOS9 before leaving for work only to find out that the Podcast app crashes on startup. #earlyupgradeproblems

— ClintBurson (@ClintBurson) September 16, 2015

Of course, the #iOS9 upgrade to #Outlook crashes everytime I… Read the full story

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