FEATURED: ‘ Budget supermarket chain Aldi team with Napster for new music streaming service ‘

#AceSocialNews – Sept.28: Supermarket chain Aldi has launched its own music streaming service called Aldi Life Musik.

The platform, which includes Napster’s full streaming catalogue, launched last week in the company’s home land of Germany. It is not yet known whether there are plans for the service to expand to the UK or other territories. Aldi Life Musik has no ‘freemium’ tier, instead costing €7.99 (£5.88) per month for a subscription.

Users can currently test the service with a 30-day free trial. A press release boasts that the service includes “34 million songs and 10,000 audiobooks” and comes completely free of adverts. Recent statistics from Germany’s Federal Music Industry Association showed a 87 per cent increase in online streaming from the previous year.

Streaming revenue now accounts for 12.8 per cent of all music sales in the country. “Digital business is the driving force in the German market,” said Philip Ginthör, CEO Sony Music GSA. “The music industry will achieve sustainable growth if we continue to focus on investing in talent and fair digital revenue models.” BVMI Managing Director Dr Florian Drücke told Billboard of the news, “The 87 percent increase in music streaming even exceeds the forecast contained in the streaming study we published back in March.

With regard to current discussions about copyright amendments, it’s important we don’t forget that the digital licensing business needs reliable conditions to function effectively, and this requires involving creatives and their partners in the revenues generated by the platforms to the appropriate degree.”

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