Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Well it’s that really important time again as another truly #Donnamazing post has been written and published . It’s just like waiting for 🎁 when Santa comes and all that crispy paper and under the 🎄there it is and you open it with all the expectation and wow its wonderful just like this post l am truly lost for …. Begins with W and ends with S

Now here was l oh yes a reviewer of books and people and she just gets better over to you #Donnamazing nearly forgot here’s your gold ✨


1age44Dear readers, I admit to being in a bit of a pickle.
In youth, life seemed limitless, infinite.
Writing was the same, I just wrote, not a lot of stopping to think.
Such is the power and joy of youth.

And as we age limitations don’t just come from the outside, but from your own body:

  • Sagging (oh no, those should still be much higher).

  • Weird spots randomly attach themselves to your skin (“Out, Damned Spot!” doesn’t work, believe me, I’ve tried).

  • Eating cake may seem more exciting and less work than other, er, strenuous activities…

  • But if you’re not aging, you’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth (good for you, care to share?), or you’re dead and you just don’t know it yet.


Sigh, so many things I wish I’d done or not done.
Sweet dreams lost, given up, given away, or stolen…
Sweet dreams fulfilled, waiting in the…

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