You May Say I’m A Dreamer

After nearly 25-years since his death this man echoed my thoughts as a younger man – give peace a chance l look at today’s world now and l see what hollow words these would one day become.
When man decided to put mammon/money before love of the people and profit before prosperity of the people and war before safety of the people.
They turned from peace having any chance – we can all blame someone else, we can all blame each other but we can and will have peace when:
Men and Women no longer fight and give of themselves without expecting to receive. Then we have a beginning not an end and peace on the heart will lead to peace in the world – when man stops fighting to be right and right becomes the previous watchword and words such as wrong or maybe or possibly l/We could be wrong echo throughout the land!
His post is evocative, meaningful and allows everyone to give peace a chance if the understand the true meaning of the words written here:
#Donnamazing is all l have to say – you get better Ace❤️ my reason to be here on earth.


1apeace22All that peace and love stuff, it’s just idealistic mumbo jumbo, right?

Or is it?

While I admit I don’t understand a lot of stuff, but as long as it’s not really hurting anyone, why would I care?

Too often, the commonly held view seems to be that if we don’t agree, we’re at odds.

Like somehow 7 billion of us are suddenly going to start agreeing, or we have to battle it out Star Trek style.


For example, I find the rise of pumpkin spice alarming – apparently pumpkin spice is a season now, so the pumpkin spice must flow.


Here’s a completely incomplete list of stuff people do that I don’t ‘get’, or want to (no particular order):

1. Touching wet paint or wet cement – yes, it’s wet, move on.
2. Running water after going to the bathroom instead of actually washing your hands.
3. Lying, lying…

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