You Can’t Handle The Blogging Truth!

The reason why people blog as l have found out in the last 7 Years going from blogger to WordPress is a number of reasons, boredom, illness or wanting to share.
Mine was all three needing to do something while my mother was ill and drying and wanting to share my knowledge with other people – who are now my fellow bloggers and like you my friend/friends.
You posts are story and l know more about you by what you write, what l read and what l now understand than ever before.
Thanks for sharing you have a nice weekend and may your life be filled with all the good things 🌟🎂🍷👸🌹and of course not forgetting 🍫
Like this post is #Donnamazing as always. Ian X with ❤️


1halloween40October conjures images of:
Fall leaves, crisp nights…
pumpkins and pumpkin spice…
Halloween, candy, black cats…
sexy Hunger Games costumes, yeah, I’ve stopped asking why at this point…

Apparently, scary is definitely different for different people.

For some scary is:
The dark – where all the known and unknown creep.
Horror movies that make people hide their eyes, but have to peak.
The price of groceries or hydro (both terrifying).
Trying on bathing suits (could turn your hair white).
Dating, parenting, love…
Loss of those we love.
Christmas or any holidays with in-laws.
Elections, wars, politicians.
Loss of cellphone reception (The horror! The horror!).
Running out of chocolate (now that’s horror!).
Liars, vampires, aliens, monsters, sparkly vampires, zombies…


I started blogging to relax, reignite my love of writing, and to be rich/famous (not necessarily in that order) – 555 posts later, well, two out of three ain’t…

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