Duran Duran: ‘If we were starting now, we wouldn’t be a five-piece band’

#AceMediaNews – Oct.25: Almost 40 years since they formed, and after a string of era-defining hits, Duran Duran – who recently released their latest album, Paper Gods – are working hard to ensure they remain relevant to today’s pop fans

John Taylor and Nick Rhodes founded Duran Duran almost 40 years ago – 37, to be precise. It’s the kind of longevity that could make anyone, in any industry, jealous, and in the music industry it’s practically unheard of (no one’s talking to you, Rolling Stones, move along). “It’s not the kind of job you get into if you’re concerned about what you’re going to be doing in middle age,” said Taylor, the band’s longtime bass player. “People who are drawn to pop music are not the ones who are concerned about the long life of a project. It’s all about the moment.”

Duran Duran, though, has had several moments. While they had their heyday in the 80s with a string of hits like Rio, Save a Prayer and Girls on Film, which carried them into the 90s with Come Undone and Ordinary World (the list goes on and on), they have scarcely slowed down over the years. Now the band is back with their 14th studio album, Paper Gods, and it’s a winner – although when you’re Duran Duran and fans are focused on your past body of work, it can be hard to get people to notice.


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