FILM REVIEW: ‘ Slaughterhouse an honest portrayal of Iran’s drug problem ‘


#AceMediaNews – Oct.30: A new Kurdish film showing a more transparent approach to the drugs epidemic in the Islamic Republic gets the green light from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Koshtargah (‘slaughterhouse’) is one of those short films that stay with you. Its 24 minutes flow like a poem, as four boys in the town of Sayin Qala, in the Iranian province of Western Azerbaijan, plan to sell heroin and become rich. Made by the Kurdish-Iranian director, Behzad Azadi, Koshtargah was one of only 18 films out of nearly 5,000 entries by young filmmakers from around the globe chosen for a Cinefondation screening at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. It will be competing in November at Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Switzerland.

Koshtargah is the apt name of the poor neighbourhood where the story unravels. Lingering shots from a hand-held camera draw us into the intimate circle of the protagonists. From the opening scene where three teenage boys play in a bucolic green creek to the last shot at a dusty bus station, the camera is a gentle witness to the sad and slightly suffocating atmosphere of the boys’ lives.

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  1. What is the connection of mentioning Islamic republic and drug epidemic together? The drug addiction is a global epidemic and needs not racist narratives of this sort, most Muslim countries have a huge drug abuse problem which might not be highlighted or stays unspoken of due to the human hypocrisy, so why the need to drag the Islamic religion into the dumps for it, I have yet to see this sort of media stories for a Catholic Spain, Orthodox Christian Romania etc, probably because both lie in the west. Having said that, this is my humble opinion to not connect religion to serious human rights problems.