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#AceSocialNews – Nov.02: This week Snapchat added new video features to its filters which have been dubbed ‘speed modifiers’. Available on both iOS and Android, the new effects allow you to slo-mo, rewind or fast-forward your short clips – you can find them by sliding to the right on the app as you do with the colour filters. The service is hoped to be more useful for creatives who are increasingly using the app to reach large audiences.However, the service is more limited than Instagram’s Boomerang – videos can only move backwards or forwards in one clip, not both.

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The update also brings 3D Touch capability for the iPhone 6s and 6S+. By strong tapping on your Snapchat icon, the app will bring up a short-cut menu to chat or add new friends.


On Wednesday Snapchat updated their terms of service. The new privacy policY indicates that Snapchat has the rights to reproduce, modify and republish your photos and save those photos to Snapchat’s servers, specifically in relation to the ‘Live Story’ feature, similarly to how Instagram did a few years back. This is likely to annoy or even outrage some users as this means that photos are not as disposable as they were.

So if you’re thinking about installing the update, perhaps think twice about the content you’re sharing, and who you REALLY want to see it!

Katie Gascoyne

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