‘ Bollywood caper set in Yorkshire that ain’t half daft ‘

#AceMediaNews – Nov.03: Talking chickens, telepathic lovers and the Queen as an honorary Indian – this big fat wedding crowdpleaser is full of quirky humour, though it could do with a plot

First the Tour de France, now a big fat Bollywood wedding: everything gravitates to Yorkshire in the end. After so many spectacular monsoon weddings, there is undeniable novelty in seeing one conducted under the auspices of Redcar and Cleveland borough council in no more than a passing drizzle; likewise in seeing a fleet of gold limousines emerging from behind dry-stone walls to traverse the moors while a steam train toots in the distance. Welcome to the world of Vikas Bahl’s Shaandaar, where there is a high possibility during the musical numbers that everybody on screen is dancing just to keep themselves warm.

The geography is but the first quirk in a broad crowdpleaser that replays the high-stakes family gathering of June’s Dil Dhadakne Do on dryish land for goofy laughs. The pairing of gentle Eesha (Sanah Kapoor) with preening nitwit Robin (Vikas Verma) is a power move, engineered by the bride’s chilly gran to offload the family debt on to their crass industrialist in-laws-to-be.

As that partnership founders, Cupid looks elsewhere: upon the bride’s adopted, insomniac sister Alia (Alia Bhatt) and Jagjinder (Shahid Kapoor), the unflappable wedding planner. Their affinity is such they can see inside one another’s fantasies, a kind of penetration so few lovers enjoy.

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