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#AceMediaNews – Dec.23: The brassy confidence of Robert Siodmak’s twisted 1944 tale – starring Gene Kelly cast against type as a charming murderer – deserves to win it more plaudits during the annual Frank Capra love-in

Maybe in some far-off galaxy there’s a planet that is a complete replica of Earth, with one exception. No one knows or cares much about Frank Capra’s 1946 movie It’s a Wonderful Life, but every Christmas all the TV stations and cinemas show Christmas Holiday, made a couple of years before.

This entirely bizarre but captivating noir melodrama, which takes place over one Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, is directed by Robert Siodmak and written by Herman Mankiewicz, adapted from the novel by Somerset Maugham.

Audiences expecting feelgood yuletide entertainment reeled out of the cinemas, alienated by this weird, obsessive story.

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