FEATURED: 5 Ways I’m Not Under Pressure

1yada41Can your heart really be broken?

Apparently it can.

Broken Heart Syndrome is a thing.

Also known as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy (not to be confused with the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek, totally different kind of heart-racing); this condition is most often stress-induced.

Wow, you really can die from a broken heart.

So, how can you mend a broken heart? I’m neither a doctor, nor a therapist, nor one of The BeeGees, but I wish I had the answer, because mine is Under Pressure.


People die.
David Bowie died.
As did Alan Rickman. And a bunch of other people.
We’ve all had family and friends who have died.


My point? Moments in time are just that. Big or small, once they’re gone, they’re gone. Life is for the living, even if you can now fulfill all your funeral needs (with drop dead prices) while buying vats of olive oil at Costco. They offer killer deals on multi-packs too. Check out their 6-foot deep discounts on dirt in the Home and Garden Section. Ok, I’m almost done. Prices to die for! Now I’m done. So instead of spending money on flowers, candles, and stuffed animals that rot in the streets, mourn and honour those we’ve lost by helping the living.


5 Ways I’m Not Under Pressure:

1. Bowie was a voice that told me to be me when I wondered if I should be someone else – I will forever adore and blame him for that, or at least blame him for being so persuasive. Goodnight, Mr. Bowie and thanks.

2. Alan Rickman made me Truly, Madly, Deeply – laugh (Galaxy Quest), cringe and cry (Harry Potter), shiver (Die Hard), and sigh (Sense and Sensibility). Goodbye.


3. I’ve lost many people in the last few years. I miss them. I wish I could see them again, but at least as time goes by my trips down memory lane, while frequent, are less bumpy, the ride is smoother around the edges.


4. When I was young, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, we used to train it to Toronto to see concerts – before train fares and concert tickets skyrocketed. I was a goth/punk girl who didn’t know anything, but I sure had fun learning. My friend (who passed away almost a year ago) and I would hang around places like The Eaton’s Centre, knitting, reading, listening to a giant silver boom box we’d lug around – no cellphones or MP3 players back then. We met loads of cool people, ie. The Ramones, David Bowie, etc. I’m sure the meetings weren’t memorable to them, but for us it was like those voices that made us happy, made us dance came to life. When Bowie walked by we broke into a spontaneous chorus of Rebel, Rebel. This earned us tickets to his show, even backstage (whispered instructions to one of his entourage, of course). If we’d worried about looking silly, we would’ve missed dancing and swaying to the sounds on the stage. We wouldn’t have met lots of fascinating people, famous and never-gonna-be-famous. We wouldn’t have started a music magazine, raised money for those in need, got tons of cool promo stuff…Again, life is not only for the living, it’s to be lived. Take a chance, be brave, be bold, be in the here and now. Memories are fun, but not fuel for life.


5. Speaking of living – The X-Files reboot is only days away. The Truth Is Out There once again, just a,er, tad older…like me. I watched the spooky premiere on September 10, 1993 and never looked back. The only time I remember missing it was the night my son was born (totally, totally worth it). I thought of calling him Fox, but also a major Buffy fan, so…Xander it is.


Ashes to ashes, dust to stardust, we know people we loved and lost are still with us…No Pressure.


FEATURED: Croatian Artist Showcased in Notable International Success

Croatian Artist Showcased In Notable International Success

"Just Breathe" by Branka Grubic

“Just Breathe”
by Branka Grubic

Croatian artist Branka Grubic has just won the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery (United States based) international competition in “All Women Art Exhibition” with her work “Just Breathe”, beating 890 entries from 33 countries from around the world.
In fact, in January, 2016. Branka received two awards for her work.
Painting “Just Breathe” won 1st Place in Painting Category, and 1st Place in Overall Category on 5th Annual “Woman Art Exhibition” in Florida, USA.

Reacting to her win Branka Grubic said: "I'm as happy as pig in mud!" Photo: Screenshot www.brankagrubic.com

Reacting to her win
Branka Grubic said:
“I’m as happy as pig in mud!”
Photo: Screenshot http://www.brankagrubic.com

Branka is a self-taught artist from Croatia’s beautiful and historic coastal town of Sibenik.

Old Town Sibenik Croatia

Old Town Sibenik Croatia

From her website “brankagrubic.com” we learn that Branka Grubic grew up in Sibenik, Croatia in the 1980’s. Her painting began as a teenager, but her career did not really begin until her early-30s. Branka’s paintings are contemporary and have a universal appeal to men and women of all cultures. The work consists of layers of paint and imagery that exude to energy and life. The viewer is drawn into a world filled with movement, a signature style illustrating Branka’s ability to juxtapose abstract mixed media with the feminine figure.

Photo: Screenshot www.brankagrubic.com

Photo: Screenshot

Charity is also a high priority for artist Branka Grubic. She donated her art to several charitable events and causes.
Continuous positive reception of Branka’s work is also evident in corporate settings with many leading organisations. Critics have said, “Similar to her pop art predecessors, Branka’s brightly colored abstracts and photo-paintings do not demand anything from us. They reflect ourselves back to us. They allow us to fill in the blanks with our own stories. Perhaps it is this lack of an agenda that appeals to such a giant segment of the population.”

Branka Grubic Croatian TV news Screenshot: HRT TV 9 January 2016

Branka Grubic
Croatian TV news
Screenshot: HRT TV 9 January 2016

Her success with winning the awards this month means that her work will now be featured on the Light Space & Time website for the month of January 2016 and thereafter, her artworks and link to her website will remain online in the Light Space & Time Archives.

Branka Grubic at work Photo: www.slikarskipribor.hr

Branka Grubic at work
Photo: http://www.slikarskipribor.hr

In an interview Branka gave for the Sibenik In publication in Febnruary 2015, even though her career in painting didn’t begin until her 30’s the beginnings of her art creativity are rooted in her childhood and, as she said, she has “been drawing always. The first thing I remember is a drawing I did in second grade of Primary school, when I adored Charlie Chaplin. I took the ink and drew his head, his eyes, his little mustaches, his hat, one could recognise it was him in the drawing.” After Chaplin she moved on to draw the Muppet Show characters and characters from well-known cartoons. She said that drawing and art must be ingrained into her genes because her father drew, her grandfather who was a stonemason also drew and so does her brother …

Branka Grubic Photo: Sibenik In/ Private Album

Branka Grubic
Photo: Sibenik In/ Private Album

Branka Grubic has come a long way from the days of her Charlie Chaplin drawings and is an accomplished artist, internationally acknowledged for her skill and artistic insight. Acrylic on canvas has become her trade mark as so have her muses, which are people’s faces because, as she says, the faces are best for showing emotions. Branka has become known worldwide via internet galleries and has sold paintings in several countries including Great Britain, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The January 2016 United States art awards represent the highly esteemed award her work utterly deserves. Well done, Branka! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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