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#AceTweetNews – July.09: 10 Abdul Sattar Edhi quotes that will leave you inspired for life

Even a single word uttered by Abdul Sattar Edhi used to make a huge impact on people; that was the stature of Pakistan’s greatest philanthropist

Throughout his life, Edhi sahab set examples for the world to follow through his actions. In fact, more work and less talk remained his principle till the very end.

Although there’s no dearth of great quotes by perhaps the greatest Pakistani who ever lived, we share with you ten which we believe will leave you inspired for the rest of your lives.

1. “My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world.”



2. “I do not have any formal education. What use is education when we do not become human beings? My school is the welfare of humanity.”



3. “Never take anyone’s death to heart Bilquis. Remember God by the equality with which He implements it. Nobody is different, the richest to the poorest, from here to the end of the globe face it equally. What an example of equality.”



Celebrities mourn as Pakistan’s famed philanthropist Edhi dies

4. “So, many years later there were many who still complained and questioned, ‘Why must you pick up Christians and Hindus in your ambulance?’ And I was saying, ‘Because the ambulance is more Muslim than you’.”



5. “Empty words and long praises do not impress God. Show Him your faith by your deeds.”



6. “Chasing after desires creates inner turmoil. When the devil becomes guide, dacoits and gangsters are manufactured. He makes men fight against their souls to survive expensive items and most lose everything in the face of his strength. The internal enemy can only be overcome by a personal revolution.”



Pakistan mourns Abdul Sattar Edhi’s death

7. “The dead has only place to go… up. Wherever you bury them, they will go the same way, up.”



8. “The Holy Book should open in your souls, not on your laps. Open your heart and see God’s people. In their plight you will find Him.”



9. “Those who believed in changing the world were either hungry by circumstance or practiced deprivation by choice.”



The angel we called Edhi

10. “Appearance is a distraction, surrendering it develops truth and humility in abundance.”



Rest in peace, Edhi sahab. You indeed were the richest poor man.

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All about his funeral PAKISTAN: Tribute: Thousands of mourners started to gather at Karachi’s National Stadium to bid fare well to philanthropist and social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi, who breathed his last in the late hours of Frida y – @AceNewsServices | Ace News Services

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