Shaun – Waking each other up.

Hi peeps, hope you had a good weekend.

Anonymous scares some, but some (Like me) buy into the ‘hive’ message.

People need to understand the ‘MASKS COME OFF’

People have a choice to know, understand and share what the TRUTH is in our World today.

We MUST make sure our own homes are in order, but what about others homes?

This message is something I agree with. Anonymous are Police, Teachers, Politicians, Rich, Poor, People of all colour of skin, people from India, Australia, USA, UK, Europe, THE WORLD.

These 2 images are true. The vide below I ask you watch and tell me if you agree or disagree. We can TALK as adults. We can’t change THE WORLD, but we can change OUR own World.


Understand the message that is spoken in the You Tube message below, and then apply what our news tells us, then we become MORE. JFK speaks what ANONYMOUS speak in this video!

We may differ in how we THINK we can make our awful species and evil World better, but we MUST look to our Children for guidance, their future is our today, our future can only happen for our today.

Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of the World III

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