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#AceNewsDesk –  Jan.02: Five ‘ Fantastic ‘ File-Sharing Forecasts for 2017 Posted: 31 Dec 2016 10:47 PM PST TorrentFreak reported on Sunday…..

2017Following the latest trends is one of the main tasks at the TorrentFreak newsroom and this job continues in the New Year.

As always, The Pirate Bay is on top of the list. The site is once again the most-used torrent site on the Internet which brings along responsibilities as well as various threats.

The Pirate Bay Gets Asylum, in The Caribbean

The Pirate Bay has had its fair share of problems over the years. While the past months have been relatively quiet, our crystal ball says that it’s going to change soon.

After nearly 14 years The Pirate Bay will lose its beloved .org domain name. A few months from now copyright holders will launch a court case and obtain a subpoena against the U.S-based Public Interest Registry (PIR). PIR previously resisted a voluntary suspension but will be forced to seize the domain by court order.

With the Swedish .SE domain also at risk, The Pirate Bay is going to send a special envoy to Antigua and Barbuda, requesting virtual asylum in the Caribbean.

pirate bayThis proves to be an excellent match, as Antigua and Barbuda is still engaged in a long-running dispute with the U.S. The Caribbean nation has already threatened to lift the protection of US intellectual property rights in 2017. In addition, it toyed with the idea of starting its own pirate site.

So, it’s a no-brainer that at the and of 2017 The Pirate Bay will be operating ‘carefree’ from a brand new .AG domain name.

Google Bans Torrent Sites and starts a Torrent Search Engine

2017 will also be the year that Google finally runs out of patience with all the ‘copyright bullying’ that it’s endured in recent years. While the search giant initially showed good will, it will soon go rogue.

After realizing that copyright holders always come back for more, no matter what anti-piracy measures they take, Google rolls out an evil plan that has been in the pipeline for a while.

The MPAA and RIAA will have their way as Google will remove all torrent sites from its search results. Not before launching their own torrent meta-search engine, however.

Perhaps the company secretly put the founder of Torrentz.eu at the helm of this project a few months ago, which explains the site’s sudden disappearancelast summer.

The torrent search engine launch won’t come as a complete surprise though. Google has had this service in beta for well over a decade, and it’s ready to stand on it own two feet now.


Pirate Site Blockades Come to America

For several years, U.S-backed copyright holder groups have obtained site blocking orders in Europe, Australia, and elsewhere. However, in 2017 they will realize that they’ve forgotten something.

All these years they have been pointing their fingers at other countries, while pirate sites are still readily available on their home turf.

Admitting this gross oversight, MPAA and RIAA will team up to sue the country’s largest Internet providers. With billions of dollars at stake, they’ll demand immediate action.

After a short but intense legal fight, the U.S. federal court will surprisingly rule that broad website blocking goes too far. Then, copyright holders will suddenly remember why they didn’t start a case earlier.

uTorrent’s Comeback

Remember uTorrent?

With hundreds of millions of installs worldwide the torrent client is still one of the most popular pieces of software in history. However, in recent years its development has ground to a halt.

In a few weeks’ time it will be three years since uTorrent 3.4 was released and today it still hasn’t managed to make another 0.1 leap.

Initially, we wanted to predict the release of uTorrent 3.5 in 2017, but that would be rather wild. So let’s keep it realistic with just a 3.5 beta.

utorrentsocialThe new beta will introduce a revolutionary feature though. Building on several other successful products BitTorrent Inc. has launched over the years, such as their chat client, a browser and live streaming, it will augment the torrent client with a social layer.

The new Beta will allow users to follow or spy on other downloaders to see what their interests are, complete with hashtags, status updates, and a news feed.

Kim Dotcom Announces Megaupload+1 (aka M+1)

In a few weeks from now, Kim Dotcom is going to unveil his plans for Megaupload 2.0(MU2) and we expect that it will be awesome.

The new Megaupload promises to be better than its predecessor MEGA, which Dotcom launched four years ago as Megaupload’s first reincarnation, but eventually had to abandon.

However, despite the positive reception of Megaupload 2 there are going to be legal and political issues that will force the New Zealand-based entrepreneur to leave the ship once again. For a good reason though.

Our prediction engine shows that the U.S. Department of Justice will drop the Megaupload case after being exposed by Wikileaks. Soon after, Dotcom will switch his focus to politics with the already announced revival of the Internet Party.

Towards the end of 2017, Kim Dotcom will announce the fourth iteration of Megaupload, called Megaupload+1 (M+1). As expected, it will be better, bolder and braver than the earlier versions.

Happy new year everyone!

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FEATURED: Pirate Bay: On the last day of the year, we had a virtual sit-down with Pirate Bay crew member #Sp ud17 to see what’s in store for the site and how it measures up to the competition – @AceFriendsNews 

#AceNewsDesk – Jan.02: Pirate Bay will continue to ‘ Stick it to The Man ‘ in 2017 Posted: 31 Dec 2016 09:13 AM PST

thepirateOver the past year pirate streaming sites have conquered the masses, but that doesn’t mean torrent sites are going away.

While TPB has had its rough patches, the site is once again the most-visited torrent site. Although occasional downtime is unavoidable, it’s not going away anytime soon.

“TPB will be around for the foreseeable future, and until the next big thing is invented, torrent sites will continue to grow in popularity, as will streaming sites,” #Spud17 says.

The TPB crew believes that streaming has its place in the piracy ecosystem, especially for live events. However, torrents are preferred for those who like to actually share something.

They see non-P2P streaming of regular pirated TV-shows and movies as a ‘selfish’ act, in a way, since the users themselves are not contributing.

“Streaming will continue to be popular with sports fans, but torrenting and sharing with your peers has always been the way forward. I personally see streaming as a selfish act, but when you torrent, you’re sharing with others and helping to stick it to the man.”

According to the TPB crew, there is still plenty of corporate greed to revolt against in the year to come.

They note that some people may want to stick it to the BBC for the staggered release of Planet Earth 2, and releasing the series BluRay/DVD boxset before the final episode aired, after which they complained about pirating fans.

“Or to Sky for committing daylight robbery when charging £20+ to watch a boxing match, or to the giant publishing houses which charge £500 for one academic journal,” #Spud17 says.

As long as their greed continues, us sharing files with one another will continue,” she adds.

The TPB crew also notes that lessons have been learned from the shutdown of various large torrent sites, including KickassTorrents (KAT).

“KAT shutting down was a shock to everyone, and people quickly realized the foolishness of putting all your eggs in one basket,” #Spud17 says.

As a result, they’re now trying to set the right example by allowing uploaders to promote their releases on other sites in TPB’s official forums. In addition, they wish the KAT staff all the best with the new site they just launched.

Even though some may see large torrent sites as competitors, the TPB crew sees cooperation as a way forward. In any case, TPB will always remain special, if only for its persistent refusal to take down copyrighted content.

“The one thing that still sets TPB apart from others is, of course, its refusal to comply with DMCA takedown notices,” #Spud17 concludes ….

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