Compassion says #Kindness

PEACE BE WITH YOU 💙💙💙 Your power lies in your belief:

Your power lies in your belief. Not in your size, not in money but stone-cold-belief.The pain that we feel can push us to our very high potential. People complain about things that they have the power to change.
No one is born with Positive Passion. This Power is ignited by Inspiration!
Always be filled with knowledge because education is the pillar of power.
If more people start to convey importance to peace overpower, this world will be a promising place.
Sometimes silence is more powerful than words.
If you can remove your mind from a particular situation, its power over you ceases.
Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.
The truth is always more powerful and more durable than love because love becomes powerless in the absence of truth.
When you are at peace, have the power. When you spread peace, you are the super-power.

Kindness 😌