Commission – Kanan Matsuura #StarlitDen

Since we’re reminiscing old works, we dug this traditional piece we got commissioned for while we attended an event way back in 2017.
The girl in the commission is Kanan Matsuura, a character from Love Live! Sunshine!! – she is one of the nine main characters. The main line was that she should be wearing another character’s (Dia Kurosawa) outfit from the same theme but in her own signature colour: green.

This was a fun subject and we were amazed at the quantity of different card themes released for this particular card game.

At this moment we’re open for digital commissions mainly, if you or someone you know might be interested, please check our commission information ►right here◄!

★stay safe and stay inspired★

Commission – Kanan Matsuura



Suddenly the skies cleared,
The darkness and the greyness gave away to a blue
So blue that it breaks one’s heart into a million pieces

The clouds fleeing helter,skelter kidnapped by the west wind
And I stood out of the rain that poured on the other shore
Pouring cats and dogs and all the fauna one could imagine

I am singing a song, dancing my steps with the wind in my hair
Things that troubled me as of yore are no more
Vanished into the crevices of the distant horizon.

I am happy I am glad I am joyous I am mad
There is a spring to my steps, a spring under my soles
My stride is long, my step is quick

My head held high, the chin up, shining eyes
A happy grin going its way round the corners of my lips
My ears attuned to one voice soft and gentle
Like a placid stream flowing down the Gangetic plain.

I am in my own dream which to me is my reality.
The reality that is you


INNOCENCE of Puritans🎀 #Kindness


A guileless smile
Pristine in its implications
That bespeaks the inner well being
One who has learned
To live with oneself
In peace and harmony
Among the denizens
Of a perplexing world.

The innocence
The purity of visage
Look out of eyes
That means the world well
Adding spirituality
To a lovely face
Framed by flowing tresses
Exuding a mystery
Like some children’s riddle.

No doubt, a rare smile!


INNOCENCE of Puritans🎀