Today Stan lost his child; I reached out to silence

Oh, Stan, 😔 I feel your pain. No parent should bury their blood child; it’s not natural. Folk used to say to me Don’t you hate God for taking your baby boy. My answer, I live with him. ” I thank God for having a house for little Sam and arms to cradle my baby, safe in Jesus’ arms.” My son did not go home to God to be forgotten; Little Sam left the most significant legacy in our existences. We strive to be kind and help others to live through Child lose.” God does not take lives; two ways kill us. * illness and accidents* simple. You know that sigma of child loss as a parent when people who you once knew cross the road when they see you coming!? You understand that sign they see plastered all over you her child died” (don’t know what to say or how to look, or I don’t want to catch that misery.” Only parents who have lost children understand what I’m saying right now. The greatest calamity bereaved parents are “guilt” “what if”. It’s a minefield. 🙁 The journey of grieving parents is a lifetime ordeal. It’s not over after the funeral. You sit in a glass case suffocating watching cars go by, movement outside your window all the time screaming out why are they still going around, my child is dead!??? Things happen along with this nightmare; no parent or human should feel or hear 😕. My story many already know, through my books or public speaking. Yes, you do change. Use your journey to help others treading this path of despair. I give thanks to my little boy aged 4 and Jesus for showing a way to help you. My Boy lived a lifetime of happiness and gave so much love to all. Sam still lives on in my heart. Shalom 😌

Today Stan lost his child; I reached out to silence