Parliament Today: MP’s Taking time out from talking about what we want from this government for NHS & Social Care ….But what about doing something as an elected member for their constituents themselves …. some do others talk about it?

Editor says ……………….I am today taking time out from all my news sharing to provide an insight in a debate l am now listening to brought by a labour minister in parliament: Simply called Health & Social Care: So far many who want to use social care and those brave people of the NHS as a bandwagon to get more money thrown at everything ….which for certain areas l have no problem:

But these over paid MP’s salaries plus expenses earning £300.00 per day just to sit in the chamber many have never done a care job in their life or worked in a home try to minster to us the public: Now instead of saying to our government we want more of this and that ………..why not spend some of that taxpayers money you get and provide help and guidance to their constituents:

Ideas: Set up a debt counselling session, discuss help by contacting local supermarkets and sort out food provisions, one of the same as many end up in debt unable to provide food for their children due to bad money management: Not all don’t shoot the messenger but l met many years ago …..excuses were we had a holiday but missed paying the mortgage now we are going to be thrown on the street: Thus homeless increased:

I as some people know worked in finance and getting people debt free without borrowing more money …..then social care and looking after all aspects of toileting etc: So l have a broad knowledge of what our system needs:

More soon if you want to provide comments and your views thanks Ian God Bless 🙏’s

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